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Modern Coin Magic Vol 3 - J.B.Bobo

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Modern Coin Magic Vol 3 - J.B.Bobo Empty Modern Coin Magic Vol 3 - J.B.Bobo

Post  paulosilva34 Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:13 pm

Modern Coin Magic Vol 3 - J.B.Bobo

Modern Coin Magic Vol 3 - J.B.Bobo Moderncoinmagic3330x503

English 1h 06mn 640 x 352 AVI 701 MB
Genre: eLearning
Watch, in wonder and amazement, the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins! Then, learn, step by step from the performer's view, how you too can do these amazing coin moves! Coins Across, Copper and Silver Transposition, The Curious Nickel, Two Pennies on the Leg, The Inseparable Pair, Coins in the Teeth, The Drop Pass, The Hippity Hop Half, Rapid Transit, Winged Silver, The Flying Eagles,
Three and Three, Chinese Money Mystery, Four Coins to a Glass, Coin Through a Ring, Silver or Copper Extraction, The Expansion of Texture Expanded, The Gadabout Coins, The Three Coin Trick, The Bent Penny, The Ghost of a Coin, Coins Through the Table, Frank Garcia??s Version, Magical Filtration of Four Half Dollars, The Sympathetic Coins, The Changing Change, The Coin Roll, The Downs Coin Star, Roll Down Flourish with Four Coins, Downs Eureka Pass and Routine, Rattle Box Routine, Thieves and Sheep, Just Pretend, The Free and Unlimited, Coinage of Silver, Coins and Cards.




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