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Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP

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Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP Empty Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP

Post  lenaud01 Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:54 pm

WOW if you dont want to read this post, then scroll to the bottem for 2 more copy magic sites that have just opened up its doors for you with the same old files yet again being uploaded,
Dont worry im opening 2 more magic sites up aswell just to keep in the gang of losers wasting there time

BUT IF YOU want to get on TOP of the Magic Food Chain with us, Then Read on, and understand the pictures that are there to Explain whats going on, and hopefully YOU wont waste you time with second rate copy sites that are run by low life Clowns trying to be good, with files that only came from AOMK anyway

NOW why is AOMK simply the best magic site out there???
because as usual the rest are just copy sites of AOMK, which was there 1st
I mean what does a leech do when he has accumilated enough files by leeching off AOMK, and then getting booted off AOMK for ripping all the good users off???

He builds another copy magic site, and then uses AOMK to keep himself going in new magic files for his site ,while charging for a VIP Status for users to get the VERY same files we put out free on AOMK in the 1st place,
He then recruit the users off AOMK, as he hacks it continually to make it impossible for anyone to use, and convinces everyone hes a good guy, when infact hes a leech, and a scumbag fucker
Below i will give you all a link to another new magic torrent site thats just opened, and see if that doesnt end up looking like the rest of the magic sites out there already

The Pictures below need to be clicked to see them properly, and how the copy Clown sites used to leech off AOMK, with AOMK in the centre getting leeched
Notice all the site on the outside are run by EX booted users off AOMK, and that each site on the outside was leeching off AOMK constantly, and those files went from 1 site to the other with each Admin taking the credit for the AOMKs users work confused
BUT also charging uses for VIP Status to get those files when they came off AOMK leech free

WHICH is a complete waste of time in a share community to have loads of sites doing the same thing AOMK was doing anyway
see the link below to YET another new magic torrent site run by a lame ass copy Admin, join up fast though, as you can yet again see all the old stuff being uploaded onto the site like we all did before when AOM opened up lmfao
Anyway heres how AOMK looked with all the leech copy magic sites taking off it :-

Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP Aomleech

NOW this is how AOMK is today with all the leeches booted, and the supporters of those SAME sites now gone off AOMK
Notice how AOMK is now isolated away from all the other sites, and leeching off each, and every site without ever giving anything back for anyone to download a magic file, and its more than likely you whos missing out, because you are now in support of them same sites that just leeched in the 1st place off AOMK, and hacked it
SEE how they are now all passing the same old lame files about with themselves, and wasting time with the same copy magic sites, with the same old files, and bandwith being wasted
AOM is now at the centre getting leeched by all the copy magic sites, and thats including us taking there files too :-

Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP Aomkleechline

Now WHY is AOMK still the BEST magic site???
Because just as before we are still at the top of the food chain for magic, even more so now that we are isolated away from all the other leech sites, and users who are in supported of them
WE now take off everyone, and all the magic sites that now copy AOMK get nothing from us

See here for demo screenshots of how UNIQUE we really are at AOMK now, especially with all leeches, and supporters of those site gone from AOMK,
ill add more screenshots soon, so keep checking back for updates on what you are missing out on at AOMK, and i bet YOU theres at least 50 files in there that you dont own, if not more
Because we buy the stuff they dont, and have magic to hand they will never have, or hope to own
WELL unless you keep on buying it for them as usual, like in the past, Check this link for screenshots :-

Heres how we are looking to other sites now, and why WE are at the top of the magic share food chain with everything going into AOMK, and nothing coming out to anyone,
because all you lame asswipes on them copy sites are now gone off AOMK, and if your an Ex AOMK user, then you need to read this thread :-

Why AOMK Is Still The BEST Magic Site & ALWAYS Will Be At The TOP Fig9

SO basically if you are uploading magic links to rapidshare, megaupload Etc, Etc, and posting on a link site forum like NEO, EXT, FTB, Etc, Etc, Then we are taking that link, and putting it on the AOMK forum to use, so you are wasting your time SUPPORTING THEM
IF you are uploading new magic torrents to AOM, MT, MW, Etc, Etc, Then we are just taking that new Torrent, and putting it back onto AOMK, REGARDLESS if its a VIP file, or not,
SO YOU are wasting your time yet again SUPPORTING THEM
Because now you are getting nothing from us at AOMK in return like you wasd before when AOMK was open an open site to you

Want to get a return for your uploads, and hard work you do on the above copy sites
Then wait for a post with a link to a new AOMK recruit site, and in the mean time stop supporting lame ass leeches by uploading files to there sites, or donating to those sites, as most of the files are free anyway
Get with the real McCoy magic sharers, and not the Clowns just out for gain

Anyway in the mean time we thank everyone who supports the above Clown sites, and who supply us with all the new magic files we leech constantly every day,
By that we mean the uploaders, and donators who buy the new dvds, and files for the leech Admins we kicked all those years ago off AOMK
Till then keep watching as AOMK goes from strength to strength, and more UNIQUE with great magic files those loser Clowns will never hope to have, or even share with YOU anyway

SO long as magic files end up on open souce share sites like Demonoid, because of file leakers who dont give a toss, and leech Admins from copy clown magic sites keep taking off AOMK to supply there own inadiquate lame ass magic clown sites,
Then AOMK will always be closed to you, and everyone else sorry

IF you want back onto AOMK, and a piece of the AOMK magic share pie, then stop supporting these twat Clown magic sites
STOP uploading onto them, and AOMK will open its doors to you again

Anyway instead of 1 magic site, heres 2 new magic sites you can all go join lmfao lol!
Spread yourselves thinner, and upload the same old files again to these 2 Clown copy sites :-
and :-

REMEMBER we are there leeching off all the sites, and giving you all nothing in return through leeches who you keep on supporting by uploading, and donating too
This is why you are not on AOMK now, and WHY you dont get the good files we upload


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