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Magic Share Site Link To An Open Source Magic Site

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Magic Share Site Link To An Open Source Magic Site Empty Magic Share Site Link To An Open Source Magic Site

Post  Admin Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:59 am

Im now replicating another Magic Share site that will be OPEN to all Magic Traders
Depending how you perform on there will determine if you get an invite into the real AOMK site
So IF your bored being stuck with the Clowns, and Tosspots that keep adding nothing to help, and you really want to join the best Elite group of magic sharers, and traders on the net
Then you want to join up there, and get involved, and we will invite you over

Everyone who joins will be given 10 gigs, and what you do with that is up to you Wink
Ill leave a link here soon to the site, so join up, and enjoy

Obviously those posting AOM, NEO, FTB, Etc, Etc download links in the forums will get on the share site alot faster
Do not torrent there files, as they will get your ip, and ban you off site, so if you do get there links, or you intend upload there stuff to the site, then put it up so its untracable to you

Everything else is ok to share as a torrent Wink

BTW :-
i got this in an email, and im really sure to recruit this guy to the magic share site
He, and others just like him from sites like AOM, NEO, MT,MW, Etc, Etc, are the reason why WE are now underground, and now none of YOU get great magic files to downoad any more

Hey there , I want to join aomk , i am on aom and i have unlimited ratio , i am a hacker use some hacks to get free ratio, and i can download alot of things from their tracker , i am an Ex AOMK ! i want to come back ! contact me back .....

but you will see that on the screenshots i constantly upload each week in the other forum post, and hopefully you will all see the CLOWNS you follow are useless twats, just like there magic

i dont know you will follow CLOWNS


They are CLOWNS , and are amatures to us, weve had this on site for years, along with 2000 packet tricks, and effects
THEY can only buy the latest DVD, and thats on your money you buy for them

Quick Edit :-
heres a message i got from him also, ive hid his name, as hes deffinately a friend if hes bashing AOM

Magic Share Site Link To An Open Source Magic Site Aomkbasher

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