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New Recruitment Site Opened Again

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New Recruitment Site Opened Again Empty New Recruitment Site Opened Again

Post  Admin Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:05 am

Last time we opened up, no one made it into AOMK sorry Sad
Heres the link, so join up, its a blank site :-

PLEASE only read below if you would like to see the AOMK site, and all its files open up for you in the future
YOU may even get to see some the files we have here on these videos :-

OR even the magic files listed in the links of the posts here :-

YOU just need to wade through the moaning, BUT we dont care if your on the second rate loser sites that cloned & copied AOMKILLER for magic files, as we are there right along with you on all them magic sites taking your files now, which means you are definately not getting a magic file share back from us at AOMK

Sites like AOM, MT, NEO, EXO, FTB, MW, and the list goes on, and on, we are taking off them all, we are even taking from those who now think there magic sites are a hidden from us, and underground, which is stupid
YOU cannot hide, as you was not the 1st magic site, so when you email us about your silly site, we just join up
BUT WE can hide from you, as we dont need you, and never have done, as we are the original 1st magic sharers who do buy our magic files

BUT i must say all those copy magic sites do have 1 thing in commen with each other, THEY STILL SUCK FOR MAGIC FILES & ARE LAME ASS

Those people running these sites above where the booted leeches, and scumbags that messed up AOMK time & again, that constantly plagued it by not following, or obeying the rules,
Who constantly stole bandwith, and magic files by cheating you all for them files in the 1st place, which also gave those who did not respect AOMK, or the magic files we had within AOMK, to build copy magic sites like AOM, MT, NEO, EXO, Etc
The files where even upload onto open sites like demonoid by them

They didnt respect AOMK enough to keep the magic files in house, and on AOMK just for its users, which was 1 of the MAIN RULES at AOMK to keep them in house, and on the AOMK site,
So those sites above, that are run by EX booted AOMK users was a real good place for all the scumbags to hide, infact it was a great haven for all the booted leeches off AOMK to hide up on

Which stopped AOMK constantly being a unique magic site for all its good users,
i mean how could we be unique, or even off the bat, if some stupid retard idiot like AOMs Admin Lenaud01, or SVEN takes that new magic file within minutes, and uploads it onto his site??
IMPOSSIBLE, and why we was always getting cloned, and copied by those lame ass magic sites above,
which also constantly took credit for all the hard work we did at AOMK, and its good users

I KNOW ill spend $500 on magic files as usual, so those pricks can take it all for free to there sites at AOM, MT, NEO, EXO, Etc
So they can clone, and copy AOMK file for file, and take away not only the file source that would encourage other people to join up to AOMK, but ill take away the possible peers, and seeds we could all have on that 1 torrent at AOMK,
Which was totally pointless, and happening constantly through them copying, and cloning AOMK

Infact every site above that has cloned AOMK with its magic files, and allowed the leeches to hide, even those in support of them have totally underminded, and held back AOMK, as we could never share the magic we wanted too through them leeching, taking, copying and cloning AOMK all the time
We still dont share our magic with you all, even to this day, you all miss out through these sites, and its been years now lmfao Smile

Well great stuff, you go trade with them, and you keep on supporting them, which still keeps allowing all the magic files to be shared on open sites like demonoid ETC, ETC,
Which is 1 of the main things weve always tried to keep from happening at AOMK, as we did not want to see all our magic files all over the net, and what would of kept us totally unique, unlike those twats above who didnt give a toss either way, or a care about the files we shared, or put out for you at AOMK

Twats who only wanted to make $$$ in silly VIP areas, made from the free files we seeded at AOMK in the 1st place to you all for nothing, and which was totally free for any user to download

But i really must ask you ALL this :-
NOW that there all booted off AOMK, and a real thing of the past on, and at AOMK
WHY does AOMK now look totally unique, and awesome with the BIGGEST & BEST :-
PROSTETHICS MASKS & MAKE UP FX sections on the net??

WHY are we so unique now, with an awesome site that does have 1000s of unique files, that can deliver the goods in ALL magic files, and just WHY are they still so fucking lame with files???
Takers, Leechers, Non Givers & No Care For Share

WHY do YOU not see these great files being shared on all those lame ass sites above???
BECAUSE as i said before, these sites are run by EX users from AOMK, who never had a good magic files in the 1st place, who only knew how to take files
They are Ex AOMK users who gave nothing to anyone, and who are even now to this day non givers, and leeches
That is why theyve always took from us at AOMK

Either way each time you support them, weather its by uploading a file to them, or donating, its just another day it keeps you even further away from the files we do have to share with you all at AOMK
PLUS anything you do upload onto those sites thats a new file, or dvd, we now take it to AOMK, and upload it onto our server,
Which gives you in return nothing from AOMK,

ANYWAY heres the link :-

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New Recruitment Site Opened Again Empty Re: New Recruitment Site Opened Again

Post  highrider778 Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:34 pm

the site's dead?


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New Recruitment Site Opened Again Empty Re: New Recruitment Site Opened Again

Post  kingman65 Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:26 pm

So is this the new AOMK? I was a contributing member for a while, but I thought it went away? I would love to be a member agaqin if possible. If not, well that is how it goes.

Let me know, please



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New Recruitment Site Opened Again Empty Re: New Recruitment Site Opened Again

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