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Message To All Ex AOMK Members

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Message To All Ex AOMK Members Empty Message To All Ex AOMK Members

Post  Admin Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:42 am

REMEMBER You Only Know This Site Is Here, As You Was Given The Address By Me
The same goes for AOMK, Does anyone know WHERE the AOMK site is NOW????
THINK of all the files youve missed, and have missed through these Pricks you support

Want To Join Magic Traders, Then Email Here Please :-

1st :-
All The Ex AOMK Members Who Are Now Residing On Copy Magic Sites Like AOM, MW, MT, NEO,, FTB, EXO, Etc Etc, Who try to be good, but fail ALWAYS lol!
Just let me thank everyone, and all the members for all there new files, and uploads they all keep buying me, as its been really great thanks, and well appreciated by me, and afew others

Infact i feel abit guilty about all the files that weve been constantly getting, and downloading without putting 1 file in ourselves, and for that im sorry
Infact i aint put anything else in myself to help ever on any of the sites those pricks own
Damn im even a great forum poster at AOM ,
but i would personally like to thank you all for your support, and files Smile
Because this has allowed us to buy everything they dont, OR should i say YOU buy for them

BTW :-
Heres the NEO wanna be Admin, who fooled you all he was a magician, just like Lenaud01 :-

Watch all his dumbass magic videos here, What a Fool :-

There was BIGGER Pratts that followed him

2nd :-
The only people we are really interested in at AOMK are the buyers, and supporters who upload new magic files, so everyone else can get fucked
Theres no more free rides on Magic Traders to anybody, or anyone
If you have nothing to give, or share at AOMK, then you can piss off now, as your not wanted sorry

Basically if you think a VIP file from 1 of the above copy sites is new, or its something you can bring to the table at Magic Traders to help, THINK AGAIN, Because its not
WE are there already getting the same files as you, and downloading off the same sites ourselves, so absolutely nothing on them sites interest us, and never will
We want the users who buy, and support them sites above with files, and who want a good share of the stuff we buy in return
but they must all follow the rules of Magic Traders, or they too will get isolated off the site

I know some if you will go hes an asshole, or whatever, so fucking what, GASP, you all had it on the original AOMK, and you let fuckers like Lenaud01 abuse it, with the files ending up on Demonoid just like they are now through pricks like him
So do as you wish, and spite you own self, as you made a choice way back then, and if you dont want to trade with us, then kool, JOG ON, and enjoy Arrow
Because we will get the file anyway when you upload it onto another site like AOM, or whatever

3d :-
Look at each site above, and you will still see they all have 2 things in commen,
THEY all have the same files that originally came from AOMK anyway
AND the only new files they can get are from the group buys that YOU all buy for them anyway

The muppets on AOM, and the other sites get well OWNED
After leeching all the Dvds, and files, we all just buy stuff they dont, so its pure OWNAGE

4th :-
Heres Lenaud01 off AOM selling all your group buy stuff on the Gennii forum
NOW asks yourselves how much of this money went back into buying new content for AOM????
Infact since hes been selling this stuff all around, hasnt it given him the ability to brag about the magic conventions he now goes on with your money????
Duane Lundgren
1845 Lakewood Dr N

WELL as you can see below, theres near on $1000 in magic books, and items,
AND lets remember this is second hand, and not the original price, so how much of that money do you think went back into AOM to buy new stuff????
Look at the date, and think how many times theyve asked for more hand outs from you
Let me know what you think on this email address jaqcaline :-

BTW :-
click pictures twice to enlarge for reading

Message To All Ex AOMK Members

Message To All Ex AOMK Members Duaneongennii

LENAUD01 waster no money Admin, so watch out for him at conventions Smile
Mr. Duane Lundgren is from the Twin-Cities area of MN.
Lundgren is a 26 year old man with a computer science background from Brown College. His details are:-
Duane Lundgren
1845 Lakewood Dr N
Maplewood, MN 55109

Message To All Ex AOMK Members Lenaud0pic2

Want To Join Magic Traders, Then Email Here Please :-

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