Magic Traders Recuitment
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Its Really A One Way Deal Sorry

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Its Really A One Way Deal Sorry Empty Its Really A One Way Deal Sorry

Post  Admin Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:16 am

AOMK has never been down, its just been hidden from copy magic sites trying to take all of its files all the time for sale
The magic share side of things in torrenting has now got $$$ money orientation, which is kinda sad, and really bad for AOMK
Just look here :-

Straight away they want money, and its all files that originally came from AOMK in the 1st place free to download,
AOM was the 1st to start charging money $$$, and now we have loads of others, with each site now run by an EX AOMK user like :-
NEO, MW, EXO, FTB, TP, and many others all trying to sell there magic files for $$$

1st AOM constantly raped our files, and hacked us, even poaching the users from AOMK, making that easy by constantly upsetting the site with hacks, and down time,
BUT since then we booted all copy site users, and everyone who was on in support of these arseholes, HOW did we do this, or know who to kick????
We uploaded AOM files, and those who didnt download them, we knew was on AOM, so got kicked

AOMK now runs many sites, and most are all hidden from those who try to replicate, and copy it, especially what it is all about with the magic files
We sit back now, and laugh how every site ( Sites Run By EX AOMK Users anyway, who had no files in the place ) are now just lacking in real good magic files, and its all through bad Admins whos only interest is money $$$, and still no interest in magic

We dont even buy the latest magic dvds no more at AOMK, as we know the copy sites like AOM, and the rest will buy them for us,
so we will buy everything else they dont in magic, which is totally fine with us, as it makes us a stronger site, with plenty more rare magic files
We got juggling dvds, fire eating dvds, balloon dvds, and even carnival clown dvds, and its all rare stuff that no one is getting on any other magic site, because the admins dont want to spend money, or invest, as they rely on everyone else to support them

Either way if you aint trading with us, then its a one way deal for us every day, as we will take your magic uploads from all the copy magic sites, and in return give you absolutely nothing in return for your troubles, and its only you who miss out on the great magic files we have at AOMK
Weve been taking your files since day 1, and will continue to do so well into the future, because what ever way you slice it, AOMK is the real deal, and is rocking like fook with all the rare files

So i guess its a BIG thanks to all users, and supporters who give us there magic files every day at the lame ass magic copy sites lmfao lol!

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