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Read Me How To Get An Invite To MagicTraders

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Read Me How To Get An Invite To MagicTraders Empty Read Me How To Get An Invite To MagicTraders

Post  Admin Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:35 am

REMEMBER You Only Know This Site Is Here, As You Was Given The Address By Me
The same goes for AOMK, Does anyone know WHERE the AOMK site is NOW????
THINK of all the files youve missed, and have missed through these Pricks you support

Want To Join Magic Traders, Then Email Here Please :-

We are also recruiting from here :-

Heres What You Must Be Able To Do Before Getting An Invite To Magic Traders
BUT the only people we are really interested in are the buyers, and supporters who upload files, everyone else can get fucked, as theres now no more free rides on Magic Traders to anyone
Stupid wanna be Traders like Lenaud01, and the sites below are not what we want

Magic Traders is all about protecting the files, especially from those ass-wipe Admins on other magic sites like AOM, NEO, MT, FEEDMYBRAIN, Etc Etc, Total Retard IDIOTS
Admins who put nothing into the pot themselves, and rely on others to support them
Even now after months of watching the admins, they still all do the same thing with getting everyone into group buys
With everyone else paying for them, without adding there own stuff, or money in to help

Also at Magic Traders we especially do not want our files ending up on demonoid, or none magic related sites, as we do have 1000s of rare magic files up for grabs Smile

But really think about it if you are on one of those copy, clone magic sites, YOU really want to ask yourself that while im sitting pretty now on there sites leeching the magic files you share there
Have YOU, or has anyone of you even had one of our files while weve been watching???
Has anyone seen me upload anything to anyone in the last months on any of those crap sites???

( Seriously We Dont Give 2 Tosses If You Join Magic Traders, Or Not )
We are giving you the Opportunity to join the best site as always on the net for magic files
So If you dont want to be a part of that, you may aswell stop reading now, and move on

IF You Want To Join Magic Traders, Then Heres Whats Expected Of YOU Personally
1 :-
YOU must Join up with a valid ip address, and no hidden proxy
ALL ips are checked to country location, so its easy to trace you if you are life banned

2 :-
You must be able to bring something to the table thats magic, just like the rest of us

3 :-
YOU must donate $5 by paypal before even getting the website address to Magic Traders
Apart from this ensuring to us all that you are old enough to hold a valid credit card,
It also tells us that you have a valid tracable email, and are a Verified buyer

LASTLY, and importantly the $5 is for if we are hacked by you, or any others, it will then buy the 2 new secret Domain names we need to buy to split the site up, so you are isolated off at least 1 Magic Traders site

4 :-
YOU can still get invited to Magic Traders without a paypal account IF :-
YOU are a valid member of AOM, MT, NEO, FEEDTHEBRAIN, Etc, Etc
Tests will be given that you are a member of these sites, and you will be expected to take there files all the time on a regular basis they upload for you,
YOU will then be expected to upload them onto Magic Traders by Rapidshare links, on a double account you own, so they cant get your ip address, we especially want there VIP stuff, and in return you will get our great files we upload at the Magic Traders site

I MUST STRESS Its ONLY me who want this, as theres nothing like pay back you Assholes, and itll be fun to watch you get hammered

5 :-
ANYONE interested in joining Magic Traders, just need to pm me the Admin
Explain WHY you will be an asset to Magic Traders, and what you can, and will bring to the table
I do NOT want any Admin Clowns off the above sites, so go get jobs you lazy bastards

6 :-
Heres a minor list of files we already share at Magic Traders, so enjoy

Chris Smith Drink Up
Richard Sanders Any Ring
Jerry O'Connell Pocket Levitation
Jarle Leirpoll Card in Mousetrap
Bob Read $100 Glass Thro Table
David Regal Sudden Deck II
Aldo Colombini Get The Ball Rolling
Rob Bromley Vanishing Deck
Michael Rubinstein Rattle Purse
Mentalist Bang Spoon
Petrick & Mia Lethal Teeth
Firecracker Magic
Cummerbund Servante
Mike Rose The Grail
Jean Pierre Rosebud Change
Invisible Thumbtip Vernet
Jim Pace Master Flash
Kenton Knepper Black Tie
The Lady On The Bicycle
Jerry Andrus Linking Pins Routine
20th Century Bra
Jack Chanin Katch O Kard
Jumping/Vanishing Rose
Steve Dusheck Quick Change
Vanishing Card Box

The List Goes On, And On, and On, and On
But as you can see the crap copy magic sites get well OWNED by us, and they just try to look good, but fail every time

Heres afew Dvds that are on Magic Traders, and again the muppets on AOM get well OWNED
After leeching all there Dvds, and files, we all just buy stuff they dont, so its pure OWNAGE
Anyway pm if your interested in joining Magic Traders

Lights, Camera, Clowning DVD
David & Teesha Laflin The Change Bag DVD
Puppet Ministry - Basics and Beyond - Dvd
X-Treme Haunted House Dvd
Cyrstal Ball Dvd
HoopGirl's HoopDance For Beginners Instructional DVD
Paul Bachman Ball Bounce Juggling DVD
Mediacircus: Patterns 1 - DVD
Mediacircus: Siteswap - Triple DVD
Circus Techniques by Hovey Burgess
Ultimate Club Juggling DVD
Club Juggling & Passing DVD
Matt Olsen Visual Encyclopedia Of Contact Juggling - Vol.1 - Contact Basics
Matt Olsen Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling - Vol.2 - Palm Spinning
Matt Olsen Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling - Vol.3 - Body Rolling
Matt Olsen Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling - Vol.4 - Advanced Palm
Andy Head Hat Juggling DVD
Ivan Pecel Instructional Juggling DVD
Scotty Cavanaugh More Things You Can't Do Juggling DVD
Pele's Element Poi Spinning Basics DVD
Marcela "Mama Clown" Murad Put On A Happy Face DVD
Marcela "Mama Clown" Murad The Magic of Glitter Powder DVD
Brian Patz Cigar Boxes DVD
Wes Peden: Scissor Catch DVD
Maksim Komaro & Ville Walo 3B Different Ways DVD
Ivan Pecel 4 & 5 Ball Moves DVD
jon wee & owen morse The Passing Zone In Action DVD
Michael Glenn & Rich Shumaker Playing in the Multisphere - DVD
Mister Babache Diabolo Folies DVD
Diabology The Art of Diabolo
Encylop-poi-dia DVD
Fundamental Whip Cracking DVD
Two handed whipcracking
Gatto - To be the best 111
Hat Juggling - Urban Tumble DVD
Diana Lopez Hoop Dance Fusion DVD
Kid-Jo Kid-Diabolo DVD
Kid-Jo Ball Juggling DVD.
Lunastix DVD
Poi Groove Basics
Staff Groove basics
Stixguru DVD
The Professional's guide to fire eating DVD
Trick/Fancy Roping M'Easy 2
Mixology and Flair DVD Vol 1
Showmanship And Flair Vol 2
Advanced Flair Vol 3
Practical Barmagic Vol 4
Staff Manipulation DVD
Paul Winchell How to Become a Ventriloquist DVD
Bringing You Puppets To Life - Dvd
Puppet Ministry - Basics and Beyond - Dvd
Puppet Props & Scenery - Dvd
Developing Character Voices - CD
Success with Ventriloquism - CD
Advanced Chalk Art DVD
Larry Sinclair Chalk Art Made Easy DVD
Simple Chalk Drawings DVD Vol 1 = 2
Dewey's Restaurant Balloons DVD
Throwing UP Gracefully DVD
Ablaze with Praise DVD
Confessions of a Storyteller Volume 1 = 2 DVD
Teaching Tricks to Truth DVD
Duane Laflin The Art of Gospel Magic Vol 1 = 3 DVD
Jason Garfield's Theory and Practice DVD
The Ivan Pecel Advanced Instructional DVD
Art of Clubswinging DVD
Ultimate Devil Stick DVD
Stix Guru DVD
Sticks Play DVD
Introduction to Unicycling DVD
Gravity Man Footbag DVD
Tricks With Hats DVD
Liam Montier UltraViolet (UV)
Jimmy Nelson Instant Ventriloquism Audio CD Course vol 1 = 2
Al Stevens - 2007 Vent Haven ConVENTion
Bill DeMar 2007 Vent Haven Convention Manipulation Workshop DVD
Dai Kornberg The Art of Ventriloquism
The Secrets to Destroying Stage Fright...FOREVER
Paul Winchell How to Become a Ventriloquist
Mark Wade Advanced Ventriloquism
Mark Wade The Art of the Kid Show
Bill DeMar Upside Down and Backwards on Ventriloquism
Recreational Knife Throwing DVD 1 & 2
Basic Sword & Shield Techniques DVD

We are also recruiting from here :-

Lets see how lame these other so called Magic Trader sites look like in afew months

WELL you get the idea, and ill post screener pictures soon, just to show you how lame Admin like Lenaud01 Etc, Etc are a waste of time
infact all the other magic copy sites will be getting well OWNED within a matter of months, so enjoy

Want To Join Magic Traders, Then Email Here Please :-

Mr. Duane Lundgren is from the Twin-Cities area of MN.
Lundgren is a 26 year old man with a computer science background from Brown College. His details are:-
Duane Lundgren
1845 Lakewood Dr N
Maplewood, MN 55109

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